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We are excited to announce that Arpio now supports user authentication via enterprise single sign-on (SSO) solutions. In times of increased security threats we believe this is one more way of simplifying and securing access to your critical IT infrastructure.  

At Arpio, our mission is to simplify disaster recovery for complex AWS workloads, including preventing them in the first place whenever possible. Since Arpio is a crucial part of a company’s cyber resilience posture, we keep working on making Arpio as secure and compliant as possible. 

When we recently completed our SOC 2 certification (read more about our SOC 2 journey here) we implemented single-sign-on in combination with multi-factor authentication throughout our organization. We obviously had to ensure that our customers could do the same with our solution.

So you can now use Arpio with your favorite SSO solution (such as Okta and Azure Active Directory) and you can manage access to Arpio alongside your other business-critical applications.  You’ll have one less login to worry about, and if a disgruntled employee leaves your organization, their Arpio access will terminate when their enterprise user ID is disabled.  After all, none of us want this to happen!

To learn more about Arpio’s AWS outage recovery solutions and how you can get instant recovery protection for your AWS applications, click here.