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We are excited to announce that Arpio now supports real-time recovery point objectives for EC2 instances.  It is now possible for AWS customers to recover from any platform outage in minutes, and without any data loss.  This new capability integrates Amazon’s Elastic Disaster Recovery Service into Arpio’s existing cloud-native disaster recovery automation, further extending Arpio’s ability to provide comprehensive DR for complete AWS environments.

“We’ve built the most comprehensive disaster recovery solution for AWS on the market,” said Doug Neumann, Arpio’s Co-Founder and CEO.  “Our product integrates all of the native backup and recovery capabilities for the critical services in AWS into one solution, making multi-region redundancy and air-gapped data protection easy to achieve.  When Amazon launched a new native DR capability with Elastic Disaster Recovery, integrating it into Arpio was a no-brainer.”

Completing the Big Picture of EC2 Disaster Recovery

While Elastic Disaster Recovery is a great solution for replication of virtual machine data into or within AWS, it does not replicate the full configuration of an EC2 instance, nor does it handle the surrounding infrastructure and other critical data stores in AWS. Combining Arpio with Elastic Disaster Recovery delivers a comprehensive disaster recovery solution for entire AWS environments, without the concerns of data loss during a failover.

Replication or Snapshots – You Decide

Prior to this update, Arpio supported EC2 instance recovery based on snapshots.  That capability remains, allowing customers to choose the solution that best balances the cost and recovery point objectives that their workload requires.  Customers can leverage Elastic Disaster Recovery for servers that host their critical business data, but use lower-cost snapshots for other EC2 instances where local data is less of a concern.

Available Now in Arpio Enterprise Edition

Real time recovery point objectives are a feature of the Arpio Enterprise Edition, and is available immediately to all current Enterprise Edition customers.  If you are interested in learning more about how Arpio makes disaster recovery for AWS environments easy to achieve, click here.