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Arpio, a leader in automated disaster recovery solutions for cloud workloads, now has full support for Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS). With this added capability, Aprio has the ability to replicate your SNS topics and SQS queues and connect them into the rest of your replicated infrastructure so that your entire workload can be recovered automatically or through automation in the event of a disaster. 

SNS and SQS are foundational to cloud-native architectures that are now used in traditional virtual machine workloads, containerized workloads, and serverless workloads. Arpio can back up the configuration of topics/queues in your source environment and recreate topics/queues with the same name in your recovery environment – ensuring that all of the correct settings are replicated as part of recreating that for your topics. Arpio can also recreate the subscriptions to those topics that enable them to deliver to an SQS queue and connect topics/queues into existing infrastructure, such as auto-scaling groups, where they are leveraged for life cycle rules and scaling notifications. 

All of this works seamlessly with the rest of Arpio to protect your entire AWS environment from any disaster, enabling rapid failover that eliminates downtime. To learn more about Arpio’s AWS outage recovery solutions and how you can get instant recovery protection for your AWS applications, click here.