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Today, we are excited to announce that Arpio now fully supports Amazon S3 disaster recovery: disaster recovery for Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). We’ve built on Amazon’s native S3 DR capability (bucket replication) to fully protect our customers’ S3 data sets from outages, ransomware and other catastrophic events.

“At Arpio, our mission is to simplify disaster recovery for complex AWS workloads,” says Co-Founder and CEO Doug Neumann. “With support for Amazon S3 disaster recovery, we have furthered our position as the DR provider with the most comprehensive coverage of the many services in AWS.”

As with other AWS services, Arpio’s disaster recovery for S3 builds on top of S3’s native capability called bucket replication. Arpio automates the role creation and bucket configuration needed to enable secure cross-region and cross-account object replication.  Arpio also automates the backfill of existing objects in S3 to ensure that the replicated bucket is an accurate clone of the original bucket.  These techniques enable cost efficient DR for massively scalable datasets that are commonly found in S3.

“Ultimately, the ability to protect these S3 buckets in concert with the rest of your AWS environment is what makes Arpio so unique,” Doug says.  “In addition to ensuring that data is accurately replicated, Arpio also connects the recovery environment bucket to other recovery environment infrastructure, such as SNS topics and SQS queues.  Your applications continue to operate in the recovery environment just as they did in the production environment.

“We’ve made DR for complex AWS workloads easy to achieve, saving our customers valuable engineering time that can be put towards more strategic initiatives,” Doug said.  “In the cloud era, no company should be expending their resources trying to build disaster recovery when it can just be turned on like flipping a light switch.  Our customers can achieve resilience to outages and cyber attacks with only a few minutes of configuration.”

To learn more about Arpio’s AWS outage recovery solutions including Amazon S3 disaster recovery and how you can get instant recovery protection for your AWS applications, click here.

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Arpio is a leader in automated disaster recovery solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud workloads.