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We are excited to announce that Arpio now supports fully automated failback for AWS workloads, making it possible to quickly and easily return your business critical applications to your primary environment after completing your recovery.

“Customers are often wary of failing over to their recovery environment – even when they are experiencing downtime – because they know it will be difficult to return to their primary environment when the outage is resolved,” said Doug Neumann, Arpio’s Co-Founder and CEO.  “With our automated failback capability, we have solved the problem of manual failbacks. Returning your data to your existing infrastructure after any outage is now as easy as the push of a button.”

Arpio already provides the most comprehensive automated failover capability for AWS on the market. With our automated failback feature, customers can now benefit from the same easy to use interface and advanced automation to return their applications to their primary environment after their outage has passed.

Arpio’s failback feature also makes testing simple. Once recovered from an outage or cyber attack, you can use Arpio to practice failing back your data as many times as desired to ensure readiness. You’ll conclude your recovery only when you feel your primary environment is ready to resume operations.

Automated failback is currently available for EC2 instances, but Arpio plans to release support for RDS, Aurora, EFS, and DynamoDB over the upcoming months.

“Getting hit with a disaster of any kind is hard enough, recovering from it shouldn’t have to be,” Doug says. “With automated failback and the zero data loss failover feature we released recently, our customers can now use Arpio to recover from any outage in minutes, without the penalty of data loss or cumbersome failback processes.”

Automated Failback is a feature of the Arpio Enterprise Edition, and is available immediately to all current Enterprise Edition customers.  If you are interested in learning more about how Arpio makes disaster recovery for AWS environments easy to achieve, click here.