Skip to main content, a leader in automated disaster recovery solutions, announced today it now has full support for workloads running on ECS. With this capability, it is easy to protect ECS workloads from catastrophic downtime due to platform outages, ransomware, cyber attacks, and human error.

Arpio automatically discovers the ECS Services, Clusters, and Task Definitions in your AWS environment.  With a single click, the entire collection of ECS resources that participate in a critical workload can be protected. Along with ECS, Elastic Container Registry (ECR) is also supported. While protecting ECS workloads, Arpio will automatically discover, backup, and restore the containers they depend upon that are stored in ECR.

All of this works elegantly with the rest of Arpio to protect the virtual machines, VPC networking, load balancing, autoscaling, security settings, roles & policies, and everything else that is needed to protect your entire environment from any disaster.

“We see more and more organisations move to a ‘dockerized’ development and deployment model,” says Doug Neumann, Arpio CEO & Co-founder. “So AWS ECS and ECR support was a priority on our roadmap. The response so far from early adopters has been really good and we will continue to add more features in the next few months. Stay tuned!”

Read more about using Arpio for ECS and ECR recovery in our knowledge base.